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Brown Intermediate Center is for students in grades 5-8. It also houses the Upper Elementary Montessori Program for students in grades 4-6. 

A Poem About Brown Intermediate Center By: Kathy Casper, ELL teacher
“Make the Difference" That’s our motto at Brown
It draws on our emotions, All the ups and the downs
The joy that we see in the eyes of students learning
The challenges we feel when students speak of loss and yearning
The pride that one feels when a connection is made
The disappointment we feel when some don’t make the grade
The spirit and life in the young people’s chatter
The faltering test scores despite our relationships that matter
We face all of these things at our school from day to day
Yet we accept “No excuses” because at Brown, that’s our way
Founded on respect and responsibility, safety and learning
We continue on because we know that desire is burning
To master the skills needed to prosper and grow
And we hold onto the hope our students will show what they know
“Make the Difference”… Our motto at Brown
Caring teachers, successful students quality learning, all around
Support and diligence are two of many things on our side
So let’s hear it for Brown I.C. a school full of Bison pride!

Joseph Somers

Melissa LaPlace
Assistant Principal

Jennifer Shabazz
Montessori Facilitator

Joseph Hurt
Athletic Director

Monica Tidwell-Siwa
Main Office Secretary



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