Homework Hints

Homework is an important aspect of your child's education. Sometimes it may feel impossible to get all the homework done after a busy day of school, work, and outside activities. Parents just follow these strategies to help your student's homework get done like clockwork!

Think it through:

  • Before your youngster begins, have him/her make a to-do list. For example: Write a poem, read a history chapter, solve 10 math problems.
  • Suggest that he/she number the list from toughest to easiest, and start with the hard stuff. This "save the easiest for last" strategy will help them to finish on a high note, and perhaps inspiring them to get in some extra studying.


Think about time:

  • Ask your child to consider different time slots he/she can use to get work done. For instance, maybe he/she can set aside a weekend morning or a Sunday night. 
  • Also, some middle graders have time during study period or after lunch to tackle homework. 
  • Encourage your child to complete one assignment at school each day. The more they can get done at school, the more time for fun they will have later. 


Think Positive:

  • Help your middle grader see homework as a chance to prove their independence by getting the work done on time and by doing it themselves. 
  • Boost your child's confidence by telling them, "homework gives you a chance to show all that you know". 
  • Praise your child with a high five or a hug when they have completed their homework!