Enrollment Process

Application Required

Starting November 1st applications for enrollment in the Montessori @ Brown (M@B) program are available. They can be found on the SBCSC website and at all SBCSC schools. Applications must be turned in by December 15. 

Enrollment Considerations

Priority enrollment is given to students from Marquette Primary Montessori Academy (MPMA). The M@B Upper Elementary  program is a direct extension of the program established at MPMA for Early Childhood and Lower Elementary years. Entrance into the program typically happens at the 4th grade level. 

Notification of Acceptance

Notification of Acceptance will happen in early March. You will receive a letter indicating that your child has been accepted and an intent form for you to sign and return. At this time you may also be asked to complete additional paperwork necessary for transfer to an Intermediate Center. 

A program orientation night will also be held in the spring for new families. At this time you will get to formally tour the school and meet the classroom teachers and administrative staff.